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How to Fix ‘Android Is Unable to Format SD Card’ Issue?

Android Unable to Format SD Card

Facing Android is Unable to Format SD Card issue?

Now worries, read on this guide to find the 100% proven solution for this glitch you are experiencing while formatting SD card.

Among the versatile stockpiling gadgets, pen drives and SD cards are the most widely recognized.

They are useful in transferring and moving files, yet they are additionally inclined to damage.

Android unable to format SD card is an exceptionally basic blunder that we go over frequently, which by implication implies that the equipment may come up short whenever.

On the off chance that you design the SD card alongside the record framework, it may in some cases neglect to recognize it.

3 Ways to Fix Android Is Unable to Format SD Card Error

There are certain ways that can help you resolve issue of formatting SD Card on android device.

1) Restart Android Device

Call it the easiest method, but it is most effective as well. Most of the Android device issues can be figured out just be restarting the device.

Due to apps and other process loading in the background the device is unable to format the SD card.

So simply by restarting the device, you can solve this.

Use Computer to Format it

If you are unable to format the SD using your Android device, then doing it with the help of a PC is also possible.

Follow the below steps to understand how to use computer to format the SD card or memory card –

1) First, connect your card reader to PC. You can do this with the help of a USB cable.

2) Once you connect it, navigate to My Computer option.

3) Now right click on the SD Card option appearing on the screen.

4) Here you will see different option, select Format.

5) Now Format a window will appear with a number of different options. Select FAT32 from the pane.

6) Next click on the Format option and your card will be formatted.

That’s it.

Removing the Write Protection

The Write protection can also be one more reason that you are not being able to format your SD card.

You can remove Write Protection from SD card by using the command Prompt.

Follow the below steps –

1) After connecting the memory card with your computer, simply open CMD.

2) Start CMD and open Diskpart and click enter.

3) Now type list disk.

4) Next you will see the connected storage device.

5) Select the disk number connected with the memory card.

6) Now you can type attribute disk clear read only.

7) Next on the command prompt type Exit.

And you are done with the process of removing write protection of the SD Card.

Wrapping it Up

So, these are some solutions you can try to fix ‘Android Is Unable to Format SD Card’ Issue.

Give it a try and if it will work for you then don’t forget to share with others on social media as well.


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