10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Try in 2020

Free Sports Streaming Sites

People now a days are very busy with their schedule, working, classes, attending parties but all the sports fans out their know the pain when they can’t find a television at the right spot to see their favourite live match. And here comes the role of free sports streaming sites to entertain such die hard fans of watching sport games online.

Due to this sport streaming online has become very popular, people now browse best sports streaming sites to watch their favourite matches on the internet for free.

Such sport streaming websites are a kind of web portal where one can enjoy their favourite matches or players online whenever they want.

To watch free and live sports online, it just requires a good internet connectivity and you are good to go.

Below are some of the good free sport streaming sites you can give a try –

Top 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites 2020


This is one of the best live sports streaming sites, with Stream2Watch users can enjoy live matches of many sports events.

The website design is good and gives you a gist of a good variety of sports content available.

On the homepage, the users will find the list of all the live matches available to watch, this is a really good feature provided by the website.

Even the details of different sports team like players, line up etc is also shown of Stream2Watch.

All the content available in the site is purely HD and easily accessible.

2) FromHot (

FromHot is a great and simple website when it comes to stream sport games online.

The user interface is very simple and navigating from one place to another within the website is an easy task.

Users can enjoy sports events about Hockey, Football, Basketball, tennis, Baseball, Motorsports, Golf, etc for absolutely free of cost.

The clean and responsive homepage contains all the live streaming which is easily accessible.

3) WatchESPN

This free sports streaming site is maintained by the official channel of ESPN.

The website seems very clean and gives a premium feel to it.

Truly WatchESPN is one of the best streaming websites for sport lovers as it doesn’t even bother users with annoying advertisements making it the best option to watch sport online for free.

It also has an official app for both Android and iOS users that makes it the easiest option to stream live sports without any hassle.

4) VIPLeague (

Do not be bothered with the “VIP” name, this website for live sports streaming is absolutely free.

The website allows its users to change the theme according to their wish and taste.

VIPLeage has a good interface and the homepage shows different range of sports options from Basketball, Baseball, Football, WWE, Rugby you name it.

Unfortunately, it is blocked by some ISPs, in some countries but users can easily bypass that using a free VPN service.

5) Laola1 (

Laola1 is a great website for streaming online sports. It offers a great variety like football, volleyball, table tennis, hockey, and much more on their site with HD streaming quality.

There is also a separate bar on the website which show all the current lives matches that the user can select from.

Laola1 has a good modern interface to it which is easy to use.

6) Reddit (

Reddit is one of the finest platforms when it comes to finding interesting sports content.

Though it doesn’t feature live streaming of sports, but users can find some links to the sites where one can stream their favourite sports for free of cost.

Reddit allows users to create different communities where they can talk about different sports and events.

7) Streamwoop (

Streamwoop is one of the best live sports streaming platforms which makes streaming sports online very easy.

The website has arranged every live sports event in accordance with their time, so the users won’t miss their favourite sports event ever again.

Streamwoop also has several sections such as live events, trending events, replays, and recent games which the users can use to navigate through various sports events.

8) Sony Liv Sports (

It is a great sports streaming website managed by the technology giant known as Sony.

Sony Liv Sports even notifies its users whenever a live sports show is being aired on this platform.

The platform even has an app for both Android and iOS users which allows you to stream online anytime with just your smartphone.

9) Bosscast (

This is one of the best live sports streaming websites, it allows users find and watch their favourite sports events online.

Bosscast is simple and easy to navigate with a remarkable user interface.

The website has a big database which includes not only popular sports shows but also sports like rugby, tennis, soccer, ice hockey, hockey, and horse racing too.

Unlike other streaming platforms, they also have inserted a chat feature which allows you to talk with other users while streaming your favourite sports event.

10) SportLemons (

This is a great live sport streaming site for all the sports lovers out there.

SportsLemons does not even require any registration on the platform and makes easier to watch sports online.

Live streaming of sports is just clicks away on this platform, just go to their website select a sports event and press the “Watch Now” button and you are ready to go.

In brief,

So, these were a rundown of best sports streaming sites which offers free game gushing.

Just make sure you browse securely on these websites and not provide any vital information to any of the pop-up ads etc.

Hope you found this article useful, if yes then don’t forget to share it with your other sport loving friends on social media.

Stream these websites now to watch your favourite sports events.


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