How to Download Flekstore on iPhone without Jailbreak?


If you are one of those who is not comfortable with jailbreaking your iPhone still wish to have some cool features. Then worry not!

Today we will talk about FlekStore, this is an application store for iOS users.

The app provides iOS tweaks and patched iOS applications without the need of jailbreaking an iPhone.

If you know about Cydia, then Flekstore is also known to be one of the best alternatives, the only difference is for Cydia you will have to jailbreak an iPhone and not for FlekStore.

Let us understand Flekstore and how to download it on iOS devices like iPhone/iPad Without any Jailbreak.

What is Flekstore?

If you are looking for an open source iOS Tweak Store for iPhone and that too for free, then Flekstore is the answer for you.

This app gives you Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweaks and app for your Non-jailbroken iPhone or iOS device without changing a single penny.

Flekstore is also compatible with nearly all iOS devices and give amazing performance after you install it in your phone.

You can also call Flekstore an alternative to iOS’s App Store just the difference is that it lets you download premium or paid apps for free of cost.

FlekStore also has cracked and tweaked apps for Spotify, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many additional features as well.

So, after you install this you will get free games, emulators, and apps without jailbreaking.

How to Download Flekstore on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Follow the below steps to download Flekstore –

1) First launch Safari on your phone and open this webpage

2) Now click on the Download button

3) Next it will redirect you to install profile page for Tweak Install, simply click on Install on the top left corner of the page.

4) Next click on Install option again in the pop-up window.

5) The file of FlekStore will now be saved in your device.

After installation, the app will be on your Home Screen and ready to use!

In case, if you are facing problem while downloading the app then try to clear browser history and try to install it again.

It should download now!

Key Features

  • With the help of this app you can download Jailbreak Tweaks for your Non-jailbreak iOS device.
  • Apple ID is not required while downloading an app unlike you need it when you download from App Store
  • The UI of the app is clean with updated server so the download speed will be fast.
  • The app itself is user-friendly and simple interface
  • With Flekstore getting premium or paid version of app for free
  • It can also be used if you have slow internet connection.
  • Hacked and Tweaked games are also available inside the app.

How to Use FlekStore to Download Apps & Games?

1) Open the Flekstore app on your device.

2) Now go to the apps and emulators section.

3) Next, just search the app you wish to download and click on install.

That’s it, the app will now be downloaded and moved to your Home Screen.

Is it Safe to Use the Flek Store?

Yes, Flekstore is safe to use, but as its not authorized by Apple’s official App Store.

But as it doesn’t require any jailbreak so it will still come under the Apple warranty. You can easily uninstall the app also if you find its of no use to you.

Here how you can delete Flekstore from your iOS device –

1) Simply open your Home Screen.

2) Now find the Flekstore app.

3) Next press and hold the app and click on the x icon and confirm.

Note: If you are using an updated version of iOS then press and hold the app and click on ‘Delete App’ option.

Flekstore Alternative Apps!

As we know Flekstore is a third-party app, which is extremely easy to use, works well and compatible with all iOS 7 devices/above and really easy to install, but there are many more like it.

Here is a list of 5 Flekstore Alternatives –

  1. HackStore
  2. iSpirit
  3. Mojo
  4. Sileo
  5. Panda Helper

These are just the top 5 apps on our list, but there are hundreds of more like them also, but most of them requires jailbreak unlike Flekstore.

So, Flekstore is one of the most well-known third-party app installer for all the iOS devices out there.

Don’t believe me try it yourself as I’ve mentioned before that it is safe to use and doesn’t require any jailbreak as well.

FlekStore offers you an immense choices of amazing iOS applications and some Cydia Tweaks also.

Highlights of the app incorporates and works very similar to Cydia, all you need to do is search and install any available app on the platform and you will get free or premium access.

The app also includes a large number of UDID apps, and repos.

Once you open Flekstore, it shows choice of categories, including emulators, screen recorders, Tweaks, and a lot more.

By the way in the Tweak option you can discover some really cool tweaks and substitutes.

Try opening the application settings, and you get the choice of exchanging between subjects or themes also.

Allowing the system notifications, you can also choose colors, check for updates and manage the account.

You also get the option to pay $10 per year in the UDID category and have all the application marked open for you to utilize.

Many iPhone user’s complaint about the expensive apps available on iOS App store but no more.

Just follow steps mentioned above and you are ready to download paid stuff for free on iPhone.


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