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How to Change Background on iPhone Message With or Without Jailbreak?

How to Change Background on iPhone Message

If you are looking for answer about how to change background on iPhone or modify your message display, then let me tell you doing this is possible if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

Since Apple does not offer an application that can change your message display so for that you will have to download the Cydia application after jailbreaking iPhone.

Though if you do not wish to jailbreak your iPhone then this customization can be possible with the help of a third-party app.

Here we will discuss about all the possible ways that will help you to know how to change iPhone message background with or without jailbreak.

First let’s understand –

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What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking of iPhone is a procedure that causes the users to expel or adjust limitations on iOS gadgets attributed by Apple, which will give more opportunity to the utilizing of the device.

You can without much of a stretch have more freedom on your iPhone.

You can easily jailbreak with the assistance of tools like Evasi0n7 (for iOS 7), Electra, etc.

Most of them are free and you can simply download one on your PC, install it, and afterward, you can begin jailbreaking.

In any case, there is one thing you should remember, that you need to backup the information of your iPhone before jailbreaking if you would prefer not to lose any data.

Now, let’s dig into some methods to change iphone text message background.

Method 1: How to Change iPhone Message Display Without Jailbreak?

We need to clarify one thing that Apple does not provide us with any SMS display changing application authoritatively.

In this case a third-party app can be useful for customizing the shades of your message bubbles on iPhone.

Here’re the steps –

1) Go to the App Store on your iPhone.

2) Now search for colour text messages.

Here the app store will provide you with many messages app that will help you to have a colourful background and different effects on your message display.

4) Choose the one best for you. Download and install the app.

Now, you can able to change the text message background on your iPhone.

Method 2: How to Edit iPhone Text Message Background Display with Cydia?

As we know Apple does not recommend its users to jailbreak an iPhone due to security reasons. But if you already have then don’t stop yourself from customizing it according to your preferences.

Do the below steps after you’ve successfully jailbroken iPhone and downloaded/installed Cydia on your device.

1) First launch Cydia on your phone.

2) Next type SMS/Desktop Background in the search box.

3) Here you will find options choose your desired one.

4) After choosing tap on the Install button.

5) Next Confirm to finish its installation process.

6) Now find the app on your home screen and launch it.

Now start changing and customizing the background on iPhone messaging app.

In brief,

As we all love to customize our apps and have things according to our choice, but it is not recommended to jailbreak an iPhone unnecessarily.

It will not only disrupt the warranty period but also can compromise the security of your phone.

Hope this ultimate guide about how to change background on iPhone message useful. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with others and help them to enhance their iPhone messaging experience.


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