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How to Change (Enable) Custom Keyboard on iPhone?

How to Change Keyboard on iPhone

Whenever you start typing on your iPhone or iPad, you might have realized that the keyboard will intuitively raise the default qwerty console on the base portion of the screen.

It is a fast and helpful approach to type fast and even takes care by keeping a check on spellings.

The built-in keyboard by Apple in already very functional and has a fantastic emoji feature already installed on all iOS devices.

Though most of the users are already very satisfied with the built-in keyboard provided by Apple but some users are always looking for new options and features.

Well yes, this is possible. You can make the most of your keyboard on your phone but for that you need to install third party app which will give a whole different and new outlook for your regular default keyboard.

So, lets try the different process on how to change keyboard on iPhone.

As we know Apple already has taken care of by keeping a wide range of them in the default keyboard.

However presumably the most well-known purpose behind including any extra implicit keyboard is for conveying message in different languages.

So, lets first see on how to add a built-in keyboard in iOS –

How to Change Keyboard on iPhone?

Step 1

First go to “Settings” option on your phone

Step 2

Then click on the “General” option

Step 3

Now scroll and click on the “Keyboards” option

Step 4

Now inside that option you will again find a “Keyboards” option click on that

Step 5

Now tap on “Add New Keyboard”

Step 6

Here you will see a wide variety of different names ranging from Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati to Arabic, Bulgarian etc.

Step 7

Choose on the preferred keyboard you want to keep

Note: These names indicate different languages, say for example you choose “Hindi” so while typing you will be able type in Hindi language from your keyboard itself.

If you are still wondering on how you can switch keyboard on your iPhone then here are some easy steps,

  1. Go to messages or open any app from which you generally type
  2. As you have already enabled a new keyboard you will see a glove sign on the bottom left corner of your keyboard.
  3. Press hold to the globe icon to see different options you have on your keyboard.
  4. Select anyone of them to switch keyboard.

Note: You can also straight go to “Keyboard settings” simply by pressing the globe icon and change or add new keyboard as well.

In brief,

Apple’s default keyboard is quite great but there is no harm in customizing your own, be it sending messages from a different language or translating it iPhone has a good range of option for you here.

So, start customizing your keyboard as per your convenience and enjoy typing!


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