How to Change Screen Time on iPhone?

Looking for ways to know how to change screen time on iPhone?

Now worries! It will take just few steps.

Read on to know how to alter auto lock time for iPhone screen.

So, if you use your phone quite often, then you might have realised that it auto-locks itself after a short period of time.

When it comes to iPhone the default auto-lock period is 30 seconds.

This can be sometimes annoying if you are working on your phone or doing something simultaneously as you will have to unlock it again and again after 30 seconds because of inactivity.

You can also fall into a situation where you’ve handed someone your phone but don’t want to provide them with your password and they keep coming back to you after some time for unlocking your phone.

Well, be it any situation but changing screen time on iPhone is possible.

Just follow these simple steps –

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How to Change Screen Time on iPhone in Just 5 Steps

1) Go to Settings option on your iPhone.

2) Select Display & Brightness option.

3) Next click on Auto-Lock option.

iPhone Screen Auto Lock Setting
iPhone Screen Auto Lock Setting

4) Here you will see time ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or Never. Select the one preferred for you.

Set Auto Lock Screen Time on iPhone
Set Auto Lock Screen Time on iPhone

Note: iPhone detects attention when you are looking at the screen and when attention is not detected the screen auto-locks.

If you choose the ‘Never’ option then your screen will stay unlock and awake the whole time unless you manually lock it by pressing the side lock button.

5) Make sure to see a blue tick beside your preferred choice and you will be good to go.

In Brief, this is how you can change the auto lock screen time on iPhone.

If you want to choose the screen time to remain on for a long period of time, then do not forget that this also kills battery.

Even choosing the ‘Never’ option also keeps your phone at risk because at no point the phone will auto-lock itself until its manually done.

This also drains a lot of battery and gives anyone access to your phone as it will not auto-lock itself at any point.

So, it’s always better to change the screen time after your work is done, though you can update it back again very easily at any point of time.

The main reason that Apple has kept the default auto lock screen time at 30 seconds is to save battery and to keep your data/privacy secure.

In short, changing your screen time is no rocket science and doing it just includes a few simple steps.

So, considering the above guide choose the time you want your display to be turned on and even change it anytime.