How to Convert Article into Audio on Android?

Convert Article into Audio

In this article we will discuss about how to convert article into audio on your Android device.

When it comes to operating system then Android is by far the most popular one for smartphone.

One of the best things about Android is customizing is possible.

The system is also completely based on Linux.

The application accessibility is likewise moderately high on Android than the other versatile working framework.

At the point when you have a concise glance at the Play Store, you can see different applications that can be utilized for various purposes.

As already mentioned, Android is very free with their apps and you can literally find tons in the Play Store.

And if you are fond of article but really feel stressed in reading the long ones then we have a solution for you.

Now a days, there are many vital information in articles but some of them can be really long and you literally feel as if someone could ready them out to you.

Well do not worry!

Just follow the below steps to convert any article into an audio file on Android.

Steps to Convert Article Into Audio

We utilize the Epic Privacy Web Browser to change over the whole article into a sound document.

This Android internet browser is the first-historically speaking program to peruse many site pages.

Follow below steps to transform web articles into audio –

1) Open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

2) Now search for Epic Privacy Browser and Install the app.

3) Once you finish with the installation process, open it.

4) You might get a message or privacy, Accept & Continue.

5) Now you will see the Welcome page of the Epic Privacy web browser.

6) Next select the article you wish to convert into an audio file.

7) Now tap on the three dots menu and select the Add to Audio Queue option.

8) Again, press on the three dots menu and select ‘Audio Queue’ option.

9) Now you will see the article that is ready for audio version. Simply click on the play button and you will start hearing the article into an audio file.

In the Epic Privacy Browser, the inherent sound player will play the sound naturally. The above technique can be utilized for changing over any page text into a sound form audio.


In the fast pace world, most of the times we do not have the time to invest in reading.

Apps like ‘Epic Privacy Browser’ can help us resolve this problem and help us in not reading and rather listening.

So, what’s the wait! Download the app and follow above steps to convert article into audio.


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