How to Go Live on TikTok with Android and iPhone?

Among all social media platform, TikTok is one of the most popular platforms. It was formerly called Musical.Ly. It is an amazing platform where users can make and share their fun and lip-syncing videos of 15 seconds to 1-minute length.

In the year 2017, Byte Dance developed TikTok. Now it covers maximum part of the Asian countries along with the United States. It supports 75 different languages. Musical.Ly App was launched in the year 2014 and was quite famous. But for some reasons, it got down and was bought by Byte Dance for US$1 billion. Then in the year, august 2018 Byte Dance merged both the apps and kept the name of the app TikTok.

This app offers you to make videos, duet videos, reacting and one of the most popular features is going live for your fans. In the latest version of TikTok, so many different options are there like soundtracks, dialogues along with album songs to select from.

TikTok can be used both in Android as well as iOS devices. The size of the app in iOS is 308.3MB and in Android device, it is 80.19MB. Within less time this app became very popular among youngsters and its number of users is growing with each passing day.

It has made so many changes to its features, effects as well as quality. It has so many features like merging, filters, emoji stickers, cutting etc. With recent changes in the user interface, TikTok is providing some amazing experience for the users.

One of the most amazing features is going live on TikTok.

Do you keep a wish in broadcasting yourself or going Live with the general public? Then it’s easily possible with TikTok. There is so many Live Video streaming social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Tumble etc and TikTok is on the list too. If you are eager to go live on the TikTok app but don’t know how to go live on the TikTok app, then have a look at following instructions.

How To Go Live On Tiktok?

“Go Live” is one of the best features in the TikTok app and everyone keeps a strong will to use it. The features allow you to go live and interact with your fans as well as friends.

To start using this feature, first, download the latest version of the app in your device. For iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store and for Android devices, you can download from Google Play.

How To Go Live On Tiktok On Iphone?

Before knowing how to live stream on TikTok you must keep one thing in mind that live streaming is only possible if a user is having 1000 or more followers. Now follow these steps:

Step 1

Open TikTok on your iPhone or iPad. The TikTok icon is a white “d” with a red and green outline in a black colour square. You can either find it on the home screen or in your app folder.

Step 2

Now click the icon present in the bottom right. It opens up the sign-in pop-up.

Step 3

Sign in into your TikTok account. You can sign in by using your email, Google, Twitter or Facebook account.

Step 4

Now click the button present in the bottom. This option is present below the red capture button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5

This feature is available for you if you have at least 1000 followers.

Step 6

Ensure you are not recording video or audio in another app on your iPhone or iPad. If you go live on TikTok, recording in other apps will get disable.

Step 7

Now enter a title for your live stream. For that, you have to title field and enter a title that will give a good description of your live stream video.

Step 8

Now tap on the Go Live button and your live stream starts.

Step 9

If you want to know the number of viewers, you can see it just below the username present on the top left side.

Step 10

For using different filters, swipe left and right to add various filters to your video. If you want to add some chat message, then tap on the speech balloon icon present on the bottom left. There are several another button present in the bottom that you can use to send gift or emoji.

Step 11

If you wish to stop screening, then tap on the cross icon present in the upper right corner of the screen. This stops your live streaming.

How To Start Live Video On Tiktok with Your Android Device?

If you want to go live on TikTok in an android device, then follow these steps

Step 1

Open TikTok. The app looks like a red, white or blue music note in a black background.

Step 2

You can install it from the Google Play store.

Step 3

Now tap on the plus icon present in the centre of the bottom of the screen. This opens the camera.

Step 4

Tap on “Live”. You will get it at the bottom of the screen present under the red record button and nest to the word” Video”. If you do not see this option, it means you do not have 1000 followers. And if you have 1000 followers and do not see this option, it means any other app is playing vide in the background or recording audio.

Step 5

Now enter your live stream title. You can name and describe your live stream in the way you want it to appear for others. Either you can keep it simple or you can add some good has tags to get more viewers.

Step 6

Now tap on “Go Live”. This button you will find in the bottom of your screen. After a countdown of three seconds, your live stream will start.

Step 7

Add masks to your live stream by tapping on the smiley face present in the lower right part of your screen.

Step 8

Now to end streaming, tap on the cross button present in the top right corner of your screen. A window pop up will come asking to close the action. Confirm to end live streaming.

So, this is all about going live on TikTok.

But as you have seen you can’t go live on TikTok app without 1000 followers, it’s a big issue for some users. Don’t you think its bit old fashioned?

If you are not having 1000 followers but you researching a solution to how to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers, then there is a way for it.

There is a website with the name It assists you in obtaining some fake followers for your TikTok account and ensures you go Live.

Isn’t it a great way?

You don’t need 1000 followers and you can easily share your lip-syncing, videos, add filters, emojis and make them quite effective.


TikTok is quite different from its predecessors but it’s easy to go Live using TikTok. Going live is one of the exciting as well as an interesting thing to do, that extends the world of social media.