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How to Hide/Unhide Text Messages on iPhone?

How to Hide and Unhide Text Messages on iPhone

iPhone doesn’t provide any feature to hide or unhide text messages, but still you can do this by following below steps.

Here we will discuss all the possible ways to hide and unhide iPhone text messages.

So, if you don’t want someone to creep through your phone or want to hide your personal conversation with someone then consider using a passcode or lock your iPhone.

But not everyone who wants to hide messages is cheating on their partner or is a criminal, it can be for a surprise that you might not want to ruin or anything.

Hiding your messages or privacy is nothing wrong.

So, here are the ways you should follow to know how to hide and unhide text messages on iPhone.

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How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone?

Hiding Messages from Lock Screen

Whenever you get an instant message on iPhone, your display will pop up on the lock screen, regardless of you have seen it or not.

There are chances that it might uncover a portion of your private information.

On the off chance that somebody gets hold of your phone, they could simply read the message by swiping left on the notification.

To prevent someone from reading messages from lock screen you will have to ‘Disable Show Previews’.

Follow these steps to hide message from appearing on the lock screen –

1) Go to Settings app on your iPhone

2) Then scroll and select Notifications

3) Then click on Messages

Settings for Messages
Settings for Messages

4) Now scroll down to Include section

5) Here you will get Show Previews option

iPhone Show Previews Messages
iPhone Show Previews Messages

6) Disable it by tapping on Never

Check to Disable iPhone Message Alert from Lock Screen
Check to Disable iPhone Message Alert from Lock Screen

You’re done!

Hide Text Alert from Lock Screen

If you do not want notification at all on your lock screen, then follow the below steps

1) Go to Settings app on your iPhone

2) Then scroll and select Notifications

3) Then click on Messages

4) Now search for Show on Lock Screen option and disable it

5) Also disable Badges App Icon

Disable Text Alert from Lock Screen
Disable Text Alert from Lock Screen

Now you will no longer see new messages on your Lock Screen.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone with Cydia?

Well, by hiding your messages from lock screen does not only mean that it will not appear in the message app.

Though iPhone has no feature in particular which will enable you to ‘Hide’ messages, but this can be done if you have ‘jailbreak’ iPhone.

So, if you have a jailbroken iPhone then doing this is possible with the help of ‘Hidden Convos’ from ‘Cydia tweak’.

Simply follow these steps to hide iPhone messages using Cydia

1) Open Cydia on your iPhone

2) Next install HiddenConvos tweak

3) Next go to Messages app on your phone

4) Swipe left to the message that you wish to hide

5) Here you will notice a new Hide button after Delete

Simply click on ‘Hide’ and the message will be hidden.

How to Unhide Messages on iPhone?

In case, if you are in need to view hidden messages on your iPhone then below are the steps you need to follow –

1) Go to Messages app on your phone

2) Next click on the Edit button

3) Now here you will see Unhide All button on the top right side of the screen

4) Click on Unhide All and it will show you the list of all the hidden conversation

5) Select the one you wish to unhide or unhide all.

In brief,

We totally understand how important privacy can mean to some and there is absolutely nothing wrong in hiding messages.

So, follow the above guide to hide or unhide messages on iPhone.


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