How to Type in Multiple Languages on Android?

In this article we are going to talk about how to type in multiple languages on Android device without any hassle.

Yes, you heard that right! It is possible.

Android is an amazing software which is very popular and most of the people have Android operating system in their smart phones.

Most of the people in the World knows at least one language, but if you are from Southern Asia then you might be comfortable with more than 2 languages.

So, when you are comfortable with multiple languages then why only communicate with just one.

While typing on android gadgets one can really deal with various sorts of multilingual composing.

These keyboard applications will assist you with going to and fro in the middle of different dialects without any trouble.

So, let’s talk about some of the popular Android keyboards and how it will help you to communicate in multiple languages.

Using Multilingual Keyboard Without any Third-Party App

Google Keyboard application can be utilized as a default application for all the dialects in your smart phone.

Different languages can be utilized on it by the following steps –

1) First open the Settings option on your Android device.

2) Next go to Language and Input option.

3) Then select Language option

4) Now you can access the available language list.

5) Here you can choose the language that you want to use on your keyboard.

6) Now go to Google keyboard settings option.

7)) Here you can stop the use of system Language feature if you wish too.

Now you are good to go.

Simply go to any messaging application and open to type as you do normally.

On the keyboard look for the globe icon, (on the bottom left corner) and click on that.

This icon will help you to change languages easily without any hassle.

After you choose a certain language, your keyboard will automatically change, and you will be able to type in your preferred language.

SwiftKey Keyboard

You can easily download this app from the Google Play Store. It is a popular and high evaluated android keyboard application.

With the assistance of this application, you can type in five languages by simply switching it to and fro or back or forward.

  1. Simply download and install SwiftKey keyboard from Google Play Store.
  2. Next open the app and navigate to Language options.
  3. Here you will see many languages to choose from, these can be easily downloaded according to your need.
  4. Downloading all the languages pack an once is also possible if you wish to work on those many languages.

So here the Swift Key Keyboard installation is done and ready to use.


So here was an instructional guide on how to type in multiple languages on Android device.

Knowing multiple languages is a great skill, so putting it on your mobile device is also a great option.

To get help from multiple keyboards you can even utilize different applications too like GO Keyboard Lite, Gboard from google, Multiling O Keyboard + emoji and many others too.

These apps have emoticons and auto correct includes excessively which is useful in multilingual help.

It is also lightweight yet have a great number of highlights.

So, what’s the wait go through the above guide now and start tying in different languages.