Minecraft: Is it a Good Game for Kids or Not?


In this thorough guide, I will let you know how Minecraft game can help your kids to have fun and learn altogether.

So, here we go…

Minecraft is an autonomous PC game designed in the year 2009 Swedish programmer Markus Persson, who claims it presently has more than 100 million enlisted users.

Minecraft was released on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, smartphones, and PlayStation 3.

It is depicted by numerous individuals as a first-person ‘sandbox game’  which means individuals make their own understanding, in spite of the fact that in layman’s terms, it is truly only a virtual scene where individuals dig holes to collect blocks.

However, it is the following part that gets fascinating – it’s what you do with those blocks.

This is the place your creative mind comes in, making anything from a little mud cottage to a goliath solid city scene.

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Game Strategy

At night beasts, zombies and ghouls show up and you need to either make a shelter or design a weapon to endure, it turns into somewhat more fascinating.

There is a variable ongoing interaction component to it too, with four modes:

Survival mode, Creative mode, Hardcore mode, and Spectator mode.

These range from giving additional forces -, for example, flight – to removing a few, like unending lives and making it harder to endure.

So, what can you build?

Well, from small cottages to the Eiffel Tower, dream scenes and mammoth working PCs, players can fabricate anything you can consider as long as they gather enough blocks.

Why ‘Minecraft’ Is The Most Popular Game?

You can definitely call Minecraft this generations Super Mario. Remember when as kids we used to spend hours playing that game, well it’s the game for today’s kids.

This game is on computers, Tablets, smart phones, everywhere.

As mentioned before this game is only about building stuff and surviving but many also compare the game with King’s of Landing from the popular show ‘Game of Thrones’.

Minecraft can also be called a virtual version of LEGO, where your mind is constantly into building something with the help of blocks.

One more reason of it being extremely popular is that the game is highly satisfying.

The cycle of mining resources and creating different things from it can be really pleasing, that is the reason the game has drawn millions of users from around the world.

But this is the most basic thing about Minecraft it has complexity in the simplicity.

One more great thing about this game is that every time you start a new game its unique which keeps players engaged.

All the levels have the same resources which is dirt, tree, water etc.

There are two cycle of the game, which is day or night, and as we know the enemies attack during the night-time.

One mind boggling feature is that you can dig below the world’s surface so deep that you can actually see the surface bedrock.

The world inside Minecraft always has loads of stuff to discover which can get you engaged for hours.

Are There Any Educational Benefits of Minecraft?

Truly, Minecraft is instructive because it upgrades imagination, critical thinking, problem-solving, joint effort, and other fundamental abilities.

In the homeroom, Minecraft supplements perusing, composing, math, and even history learnings.

Critically, Minecraft additionally imparts business standards, STEM information, and a worldwide point of view.

Does Minecraft Good For Kids?

Well to a certain limit there are some great advantages of the game, as the game enhances life skills.

Here are a few explanations to why it is good for kids:


Minecraft is remarkable in that it’s a boundless existence where children can make actually anything they can envision, however inside the requirement that everything is comprised of obstructs that must fit inside the 3D network of the game.

Privateer galleys, re-creation of both fictional and true world communities, and even your most loved science fiction transports likely as of now exist in Minecraft and were likewise worked by somebody who has not graduated secondary school yet.

Critical Thinking

“Survival mode,” where different monsters come out around evening time and attack players, is only one aspect of the way Minecraft supports critical thinking.

Players are dropped into different situations and should rapidly make sense of how to discover and construct cover, make weapons, and gather food so as to endure.

Procedure becomes possibly the most important factor in a major manner here, as each Minecraft “day” endures an insufficient 10 true minutes, which means players need to think and react quickly on the off chance that they need to remain alive.


Minecraft is likewise remarkable in that it is highly unlikely to “win.” Players must choose for themselves what they need to escape their time in the game.

Would they like to gather assets and assemble cool stuff? Would they like to come together with their friends and destruction a chief? It is up to them!

Such freedom—and the uplifting feedback that comes when they scratch off the following objective on their picked way assembles self-assurance.

The game lets players feel like they are accountable for their own destiny, an inclination that can now and then be deficient in the standard genuine world.

Coordinated Effort

Children can play Minecraft on servers, either with their companions or with others around the globe and work together to accomplish objectives.

They pool assets, fabricate structures, rout foes, exchange tips, the correspondence and collaboration included is perpetual.

Children would then be able to take these social abilities and apply them to their lives off the PC.

Minecraft Can Develop Career Skills

Well yes you read that right! Minecraft can develop career skills. It can also set up your youngster for a profession in different fields like frameworks organization, the executives, and business.

The way that children can play with anybody from around the globe is an astonishing reflecting of the worldwide commercial center that business has become.

How much further ahead will your youngster be on the off chance that they go into a meeting effectively capable with basic media transmission devices like Skype, and the social abilities to impart plainly and successfully with individuals from around the globe?

The social idea of Minecraft shows sharing duties, assigning jobs, arranging plans, and finishing ventures all unbelievably important vocation aptitudes.

Such aptitudes can be the hardest to educate, but on the other hand are the most attractive to future businesses.


So here was a brief rundown about the game Minecraft and how it impact your kids.

For your information, Minecraft is accessible in two editions Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

You can play the Java version only on PC.

While the Bedrock version bolsters cross-play between Android, iOS, consoles, and PC users running the Bedrock customer.

With such huge numbers of bolstered gadgets, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why millions of players have given it a try.

Also, the noteworthy cross-play capacity makes it easy to play with companions who own the game on an alternate framework, an element regularly lacking in other hit games.

Help yourself out and give it a shot to understand what makes it so popular over the last 10 years.