uBreakiFix: Story from Bedroom to 262 and More Stores and Deal with Google


Established in 2009, uBreakiFix ( has practical experience in the fix of electronics, ranging from cell phones, tablets, game consoles, PCs, and other similar devices.

Broken screens, programming issues, camera issues, and most different issues can be fixed by visiting uBreakiFix stores in the U.S. and even Canada.

Since 2016, uBreakiFix has filled in as the selective stroll in fix accomplices for Google Pixel users.

In 2018, uBreakiFix turned into a Samsung Care approved specialist organization offering same-day, in-person support for Samsung Galaxy users over the U.S.

In 2019, uBreakiFix joined the Asurion family and now works as an auxiliary of the tech care organization while keeping up the uBreakiFix brand, administration, and establishment model.

uBreakiFix: How an Idea Turned Into a Brand?

So, when was the last time you went out without carrying your cell phone?

Don’t worry if you cannot seem to remember when as most of us are engaged with our smartphones to the fullest.

Nevertheless, if we agree or not smartphones have become a total necessity of our lives.

Somehow if we break it then giving it for repair for more than one day just seems too frustrating.

This is how the story of uBreakiFix founder Justin Wetherill started.

Ten years ago, he broke his iPhone screen while going out.

The screen repair choices he discovered online appeared to be neither reasonable nor solid, and the main option was to make good two or three hundred bucks to replace the entire gadget.

According to Wetherill he built uBreakiFix for high-level quality, expedient repair with excellent service at a reasonable or fair price.

He even stated that after this own experience of a broken phone with limited money, how millions of other customers might be going through the same problem, so he came up with a solution.

Just at the age of 21 he came up with the idea of uBreakiFix just from a room.

Later, he turned this brand to more than 262 stores and deal with Google.

uBreakiFix Location

uBreakiFix has 95 stores in 2019, finishing the year with 559 areas across North America.

Texas stays one of uBreakiFix’s most elevated volume states with 50 areas, trailed by its home province of Florida, which has 84 stores.

According to uBreakiFix, their plan is to open 35 more stores during the first quarter in 2020.

Deal with Google

In 2016 uBreakiFix partnership with Google.

It allows Google users to get a trustworthy and reasonable Google Pixel screen fix solution if their smartphone’s break.

All the parts of the phone are authentic, and they have got specialized training straight from Google.

In brief,

The story of this $160 Million Business is terrific.

The company since 2009 is growing its wing and becoming the top name when it comes to one day repair.

Besides basic devices including cell phones, tablets, and PCs, uBreakiFix offers repair for anything with a power button. It includes drones, hoverboards, game consoles, and everything in the middle.

The store offers support for most specialized issues on any electronic gadget.

Hope this brief uBreakiFix review will inspire help you to learn more about this idea turned into big budget business.


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