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The GeekAfterHours i.e. geekafterhours.com is specifically considered to be an online information service that is subject to your compliance with the below-mentioned terms and conditions.

Before making use of this particular website, you should necessarily read all of the documents in a careful manner. it is applicable if you want to access the website. so, you must agree to bound by the below mentioned terms and conditions. but, you may have not able to access or make use of this website, in case you do not want to bound by these terms and conditions.

Geekafterhours.com have all the rights for the modification of this specific agreement certainly at any point of time. again such modifications are considered to be effective as soon as the modified agreement is posted on our website. you must agree to review the agreement in a periodical manner so that you can know about any such modifications or changes. also, your final acceptance of the modified agreement will determine whether you can continually access or use this website.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Geek After Hours is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

The overall contents of this website are specifically protected with the help of international copyright and trademark laws. GeekAfterHours.com, its affiliates, or other specific third party licensors are considered to be the owner of the trademarks as well as its copyrights.


You can either download or print certain portions of the materials from specifically various areas of the website for non-commercial use. In this regard, you should agree that you will not delete or change any copyright or proprietary notices from these specific materials. But, in this case, you are required to grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free as well as perpetual license to GeekAfterHours.com.

This generally involves the certain rights to reproduce, sub-license, transmit, distribute, generate derivative works of, publicly perform as well as display any specific materials along with some other kinds of information. It also includes without limitation, usage of the ideas present therein for improved or else new services and products. But, you must submit it to the public areas of the website like forums, bulletin boards as well as newsgroups or by email to GeekAfterHours.com.

You should grant to GeekAfterHours.com, the specific rights to make use of your name in connection with the submitted materials as well as other information and also in connection to almost all marketing, advertising and promotional materials that are related to this. For any kind of alleged or actual misappropriation or infringement of any proprietary rights that are related to GeekAfterHours.com, you agree that you shall have no specific resource against GeekAfterHours.com.


Products, publications, services, or content referenced here i.e. on this specific website are considered to be the exclusive service marks or trademarks of GeekAfterHours.com. But, any other company, as well as product names which are specifically mentioned in this particular website, maybe the trademarks of their respective owners.

Usage Of The Website

GeekAfterHours.com is involved in supplying products, information, or services that are identified here which you required to understand. Also, GeekAfterHours.com does not endorse, control, or else operate any specific information, services, or products on the internet in any certain way. Apart from GeekAfterHours.com, all the identified information, services, or products on this website are specifically found to be offered by third parties. This particular information is not affiliated with GeekAfterHours.com.

You may also understand that GeekAfterHours.com does not necessarily guarantee or warrant the files which are available for downloading through this website will be completely free of infection, worms, viruses, Trojan horses, or any other specific code which manifest destructive or contaminating properties.

In this aspect, you are completely responsible for the implementation of adequate procedures as well as checkpoints to satisfy your requirements for the data output and input accuracy. For the reconstruction of any sort of lost data, it involves maintaining a means external to the website.

While you are making use of geekafterhours.com, you are completely responsible and using the website and the internet at your sole risk. Geekafterhours.com is involved in providing the website along with the related information “as in” and does not specifically make any express or implied warranties, endorsements or representations whatsoever. This includes without limitation warranties of title or noninfringement, or the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose in related to the service, any merchandise information or else service that are either provided on the internet or through the service. In this regard, geekafterhours.com will not be liable for any cost or else damage that either arise indirectly or directly from any specific transaction. So, it is totally your responsibility to access the completeness, accuracy as well as usefulness of all advice, opinions, merchandise, services, and other certain information which are provided through the service or generally on the internet. Geekafterhours.com does not warrant that the service will be error-free or uninterrupted or any specific defects present in the service will be corrected.
You must further understand that some unedited materials is specifically contained in the pure nature of the internet which can be either offensive to you or sexually explicit. So, you are accessing all of these materials solely at your own risk. Geekafterhours.com is not responsible for such materials and do not have any control over these.

Liability Limitation

GeekAfterHours.com, in no specific events, is considered to be liable for (i) any sorts of consequential, incidental or indirect damages. This includes but it is not limited to certain damages for loss of profits, interruption in business, loss of information or programs. It can arise out of the use of or else inability to use any specific service or any sorts of information or transactions which are either downloaded from the service or provided on service or any kinds of delay associated with such service or information. This is applicable if in case geekafterhours.com or else its authorized representations have been specifically advised of the possibility which is related to such kinds of damages, or else (ii) any certain claim attributable to the omissions, errors, or other sorts of inaccuracies in the materials or service or else the information that are mainly downloaded through the service. This is generally because some of the states does not allow for the liability limitation or exclusion for any kinds of incidental or consequential damages. But, the avove limitation may not be applicable for you. So, in such sorts of circumstances, the liability of geekafterhours.com is considered to be limited specifically to the greatest extent which are permitted by law.

GeekAfterHours.com, in no way, is responsible for any kind of representation about any specific website, that you can access through this or which may mainly link to this website. Whenever, you are involved in accessing a certain non-GeekAfterHours.com,  website, all that you need is to understand that that particular website is independent of GeekAfterHours.com. Therefore, GeekAfterHours.com does not have any sorts of control over the content present on this website. Additionally, a specific link to a GeekAfterHours.com website does not means that GeekAfterHours.com is involved in endorsing or else accepting any content responsibility or the use of such a specific website.

GeekAfterHours.com also make use of the affiliate links specifically on the services, products, apps, or software which it is involved in reviewing. But, the affiliate partnership is not designated to influence the readers always. However, GeekAfterHours.com receives commissions whenever any specific person is involved in buying the merchandise generally with the help of affiliate links.


GeekAfterHours Media is specifically involved in continuous monitoring of the section of commenting. Not only that, our editorial team always holds certain rights so that it can moderate your comments. All the comments done on our website will be uploaded or approved by our end only after comprehensive moderation. GeekAfterHours.com Media is not considered to be responsible for the content or else the information which is specifically posted in the Comments. To make, the Comments section of our website useful, interactive as well as interesting, here are given some of the important guidelines for our readers or users:

  • The comments which are specifically done by your end must not harass, threaten, slander, or defame any particular institute/person/party/organization/country/community or any non-living or living entity.
  • com does not entertain any kind of misleading or false content or information.
  • The comments done on our website should not violate copyright or any other specific intellectual property interests or rights.
  • Also, the comments must not promote any specific service or product covertly or overtly.
  • All the comments must be relevant to the topics under which your comments are generally posted.
  • com Media has all the rights to delete or reject any particular content, information, or comment which is sensitive, confidential, or is against the law.

On our website, the readers or users should post comments sensibly. Once the comments are published after approval on GeekAfterHours.com, they are considered to be a part of public conversation. Also, your comments will be removed only after the sole decision of our editorial team. But, in no way, you are not allowed to force our editors regarding any sorts of changes or deleting comments as you have possibly changed your mind on the comments. GeekAfterHours.com specifically holds all the rights to remove your comments as well as comment accounts at its discretion.

Also, the authenticity of user comments is not claimed by GeekAfterHours.com. In case, any third party or anybody raises an objective or question against the comments done by the users or if any third party finds that the comments which are done by the users violate our Editorial Policy, Privacy Policy or Terms of use or their specific rights, GeekAfterHours.com Media will invite them to reply in the comments section by themselves only. We will consider making necessary efforts to contact you through the provided source if they raise any sorts of legal obligations.

GeekAfterHours.com Media will also focus on protecting your specific contact details which are mentioned in our Privacy Policy section. In case of any sorts of the legal process, we may reveal your specific contact information.

RSS Feed

You may be able to subscribe to the GeekAfterHours.com RSS feeds or else contribute to integrate the feeds specifically on your website or blog. Also, you are not allowed to modify the feed in any specific way to use it. This generally includes the removal of the advertisements as well as adherence to the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • In RSS readers, specifically, the full ad-supported feeds are anticipated only for personal use.
  • You can only make use of the excerpt feeds once it is agreed with the company for all other feed uses which involves reproduction on websites.
  • You are not specifically allowed to splice the RSS feeds into or otherwise redistribute or involved in re-sharing them via. the third-party RSS providers.
  • You are not allowed to add content that includes any sorts of advertisements or other promotional content specifically to the RSS feeds.
  • com reserves all the rights to object to your RSS feeds presentation as well as the right to require you to stop making use of the RSS feeds at any certain amount of time.
  • com also further reserves all the rights to discontinue its RSS feeds distribution or change the content or else formatting of the RSS feeds at any specific time without notice.


You specifically agree to defend, indemnify as well as hold harmless GeekAfterHours.com, its directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, licensors, and any third party information providers to the Service from and also against all expenses, losses, costs, and damages which include reasonable attorney fees. This generally results from any kind of violation of this Agreement which involves wrongful or negligent conduct by you or any other person who accesses the particular Service.

Third-Party Rights

Both the provisions related to the Indemnification as well as the usage of the particular service are specifically for the benefit of GeekAfterHours.com as well as its directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, licensors and also third party information providers to the specific Service. In this regard, almost each of the entities or individuals possess all the rights to asset and also directly enforce these provisions against you on their behalf.


This particular Agreement may again be terminated by any of the parties without notice at any specific time for any reason. But, the provisions of Usage of the Service, Licenses, Copyright and Submissions of Idea, Indemnification, Miscellaneous, Third Party Rights shall survive any termination of this particular Agreement.


This specific Agreement again shall be governed as well as construed according to the laws of India. So, it is preferably applicable to the made agreements that are performed in India. In this regard, you may agree that many sorts of legal proceedings or actions in between GeekAfterHours.com and also you for any certain purpose concerning this particular Agreement or the obligations of specific parties. These are again brought exclusively in a state or federal court of competent jurisdiction which is sitting in India. Any cause of the claim or action that you may have related to the Service must be commenced within 1 year after the cause of action or claim arises or such claim or the cause of the action is barred. GeekAfterHours.com’s failure to enforce strict performance of any particular provision of this Agreement shall not be interpreted as a waiver of any right or provision. In this regard, neither the course of conduct between the parties nor the trade practices shall act for the modification of this Agreement’s provision. GeekAfterHours.com may be involved in assigning its specific rights as well as duties under this particular Agreement to any party at any period without any notice.

Here, the mentioned rights not expressly granted are considered to be reserved.