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Day by day, technology is making our life better. Previously, we had to stop at all toll booths to pay the tolls. It results in more fuel consumption, high traffic jams, and accidents. But with EZDrive, things are getting more and more leisurely as well as comfortable.

EZDrive MA is an electronic tolling program based in Massachusetts. With this online system, you can pay your toll amounts either through PayByPlateMA or E-Z Pass.

Now let us know about

PaybyPlate MA is a beneficial tolling program where the vehicle’s license plate is identified, and then tolls are charged. Then the bill set is mailed to the registered buyer of the car. There are two options to pay the bill, either online or through a cheque at any EZDrive MA customer service center.

E-ZpassMA offers discounted tolls in Massachusetts. However, when you pay through E-ZPassMA, you have to use transponders fixed to the windshield present in the back of the rearview mirror. Consequently, a device tracks the transponder at every toll zones, and your account will get charged.

What are some of the significant features of paybyplatema?

  • At first, you get access to the toll payment option.
  • It is designed for people who are living in Massachusetts.
  • Video images of the vehicles and the license plates are then utilized to pot toll transactions to any certified account of the paybyplatema account.

What are different payment options for making toll payments through Pay Online MA Accounts?

At first, visit official site to make a payment of the toll collection invoices. The invoices are collected through the video images of the license plates.

However, keep in mind that the toll system also takes into account out-of-state drivers.

While making a payment online, please keep a debit or credit card handy. Again you can also use bank routing and account number.

Also, never access the Pay by plate service if you do possess the payment form.

Likewise, if someone is convenient making a payment through U.S. mail, then he/she can make a payment to

The commonwealth of Massachusetts

EZDriveMA Payment Processing Centre
P.O. Box – 847840
MA 02284-840

You can also make a payment by sending a cheque to
EZDrive MA customer service center
P.O. Box 8007
Auburn, MA 01501- 8007
Pay By Plate MA customer Service

Customers who are looking for making a replenishment payment through mail can write to
EZDrive Customer Service Centre
P.O. Box 8007
Massachusetts 01501 – 8007

If you are facing any issues with the service, then you can write to

EZDriveMA consumer service center
27 Midstate Drive Auburn
MA 01501 – 1800
Fax: 508-786-5222


So, this is all about paybyplateMA that allows you to make easy payment of toll charges.