Icecast vs Shoutcast: Get the Real Difference

Icecast vs Shoutcast

In this article we will discuss about the difference between Icecast and SHOUTcast.

When contrasting the two pervasive online radio streaming site I would prefer to initially underscore the distinction between the server and the source (customer).

With all radio streaming setups, we have a source that interfaces with the server.

The source could be an application on the DJ’s PC, or it may be another procedure running on the server (normally called AutoDJ) that is the ‘source’ of the communicate.

At the point when we are looking at Icecast versus SHOUTcast, this is totally the server we are alluding to.

The equal source programming for each is typically perfect with either sort of server!

For instance, the Icecast source programming can stream to both an Icecast server and a SHOUTcast server.

Brief Overview About SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is the name of a convention and communicate server for web radio or webtv.

It has a web interface to control the server.

You can communicate your server naturally on the SHOUTcast.Com Directory (open server mode).

It was made by Nullsoft simultaneously as the Winamp customer programming for tuning in.

The convention depends on two conventions, HTTP and ICY to help tag tags.

Encoding formats accepted on SHOUTcast are AAC+, AAC, MP3.

The SHOUTcast server can just oversee each stream in turn, yet the platform permits you to make numerous mount focuses to be disseminated over the 320 kbps assigned.

Some multimedia media gadgets are SHOUTcast compatible to .m3u and. pls playlists

You can either communicate live or with the auto DJ – 1 association at once.

Brief Overview About IceCast

Icecast is a free programming (under GPL permit) of stream spilling, sound, and video streaming server type.

It permits from a PC or server (GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X or other) to stream music and recordings to “customer” programming (sound or sight and sound players), through the Internet or an intranet network.

The Icecast venture is controlled by the establishment, which runs free sound/video codec activities, like the mainstream Ogg, Theora or Speex.

You can stream your server naturally to IceCast Directory (open server mode).

A web interface is utilized to direct the server.

Encoding positions acknowledged in the platform are Mp3, AAC +, AAC,Ogg Theora, OggVorbis.

The Icecast server can oversee up to 3 streams one after another on a similar port.

The foundation makes it conceivable to make a few altering focuses to be dispersed over the 320-kbps designated.

Icecast makes it conceivable to diffuse various streams on various purposes of montages.

You can stream live and keep the AutoDj mode dynamic simultaneously.

The AutoDj communicates on a mount point, and your direct might be on another.

Icecast vs Shoutcast

Well after reading about both might have given you a gist but here are the pointers to some major difference between SHOUTcast and Icecast –

1) ShoutCast

Key Points

  • AOL is the owner of SHOUTcast.
  • Encoding formats accepted are AAC+, AAC, MP3.
  • Server can only handle 1 feed at a time.
  • Editing the SHOUTcast DNAS Page is not possible.
  • Streaming live or with AutoDj one at a time.


So, this in turn will provide you with good exposure and gather a good number of audiences for your show.

One more benefit is that it is compatible with a good number of flash players, and it has a very uncomplicated stream to set up.


In case you want to use the Auto Dj feature with your radio server, for that you will first have to click on the “deactivate source” button.

This must be done when you are ready to go live.

After this you will have to click on the “activate source” button when you are done streaming live and want to go back to the Auto DJ mode.

Other disadvantage of this platform is that you cannot edit the SHOUTcast DNAS Page and only stream one feed at a time.

2) IceCast

Key Points

  • Icecast is free and controlled by the
  • Encoding formats accepted are Mp3, AAC +, AAC, Ogg Theora, OggVorbis.
  • You can stream up to 3 different feeds on the same port.
  • Editing the IceCast page when you visit ip:port is possible.
  • Streaming with along with auto dj is possible with Icecast.


One of the best things that differs Icecast from SHOUTcast is that it automatically and spontaneously transfers listeners from Auto DJ to the live stream and back.

This happens all by itself without the need to manually turn anything on and off.

In short this means that once you connected with all the listeners, Icecast without much ado will transfer them from AutoDj to live stream once you are done.

One better thing about this platform is that it can stream up to 3 different feeds on the same port.

Editing the IceCast page is also possible.


Though Icecast is free but it has a less web flash player compatible with it.

Most likely people will get less listeners due to this reason.

Future Outlook

Shoutcast gives off an impression of being amidst commercializing their streaming server, and now approach a month to month charge for highlights that were previously free.

We anticipate that this should bring about less stream facilitating suppliers offering Shoutcast administration, which will lessen the user base for Shoutcast.

Also, Shoutcast has changed proprietors a few times, with the resulting re-balancing of needs, including the ongoing movement towards commercialization.

In any case, correspondence with respect to the commercialization has been non-existent, so we’re uncertain what the future accessibility of Shoutcast will resemble.

Icecast on the other hand is being tested for new Icecast highlights, and through the constant commitment of the Icecast creator.

With stream facilitating suppliers, we expect Icecast-KH to keep standing out as far as highlights.

With Icecast the web has been covered with reports and stories throughout the long stretches of the “most recent adaptation” being insecure for some clients.


Well after talking about all the necessary difference between Icecast and SHOUTcast you can choose which one you want to go for.

It totally depends on individual’s choice and use only then you can decide which one to choose.

For beginners SHOUTcast is a great option as the setup is simple and they will even get the chance to be listed on their portal.

But if you already have a number of listeners then go for Icecast as it has good features.

So, what is the wait, choose the one most useful to you and start your own channel right away.