Textsheet: 10 Best Alternatives to Try in 2020


Textsheet was one of the best educational and information-rich website for students on the internet. Numerous students took help from this website for their studies of school, colleges, including homework assignments.

But unfortunately, Textsheet became down and is no longer available for students. If you are wondering why? Well! The reason is the copyright issue. Have a look at the detail reason why Textsheet is no more accessible?

What Made Textsheet Down?

Textsheet was providing effective answer and solutions of the online practice paper that was present in another TextSheet like website Chegg. The answers were given by making use of Chegg API. Students use to type the URL of the problem in the search box of Textsheet. Thus, Chegg claim copyright issue for Textsheet. This DMCA copyright violation was the sole reason for TextSheet to go down.

Textsheet was one of the perfect websites for a student that was helping in finding answers and solution along with other study materials. But as it is no more in function, students might be searching for some reliable sites like TextSheet.

Are you looking for some of the best alternatives to TextSheet? Then there are 10 chosen substitutes to the educational site Textsheet.

10 Best Textsheet Alternatives
TextSheet alternatives

1.Slader (

Slader is one of the most popular platforms for students to obtain answer and solutions along with step by step explanations to their queries. It is highly prominent in the US. For easy access, you can download its app that is available both in iOS and Android operating systems.

How to use: In the website search by giving the name of the textbook or otherwise the 13 digits ISBN to get solutions from a specific book. When you get the particular book, go to page number and tap “Go”. You will get the entire exercise with solutions.

Slader posses a very big database that includes several subjects starting from upper-level math to foreign languages. It is free to use with a reliable interface.

2.Studylib (

When you will first visit this website you may find it a bit difficult to explore but it poses a lot of things that will surely amaze you. It emphasizes more effective learning strategies. The website possesses a ” flashcard explorer ” with various categories like math, science, social science, business etc.

It is one of the biggest community motivated educational library where you can access several worksheets, lesson plans along with other study materials. Besides exploring documents you can also upload your own. Furthermore, it also offers an efficient tool for checking grammar and spellings.

How to use: To get full access to Studylib, you have to register an account in the website and that is free of cost.

3.Chegg (

Chegg is one of the renowned American education technology companies. This company only had taken down Textsheet completely from the internet claiming for copyright issues. It is one of the best educational sources for students. It helps in finding textbook to textbook solutions along with assistance in preparing for competitive exams. The experts are available 24/7 for your assistance on this website.

Here you can also rent or buy books with a huge discount of 90%. Not only that, but you can also sell your old books here and earn some money. Chegg Tutors is also available where you will get online tutors at good rates for various subjects and topics. But before you purchase a plan, take a 7-day trial. Chegg app is also available in both android OS and iOS.

4.Course Hero (

It is another best alternative to Textsheets for students. It gives access to 30 million course materials to students across the world. In this website, you will get resources like guides, videos, textbook, literature title, class notes.

All popular subjects starting from economics to psychology is present here with lots of practice problems. Apart from all this it also provides 24/7 homework help. You get customized coaching from a specific subject expert.

How to use: In Course Hero, you get two options. You can go for free access for which you have to upload your documents for getting access to other documents. Or else you can subscribe for a membership that cost $9.95 per month.

5.PaperHelp (

It is a personalized paper writing service provider. In schools and colleges, students get a lot of papers to write. Through PaperHelp, you get access to essay services along with other writing services.

The best part is you get a money-back guarantee and in case you are not satisfied with the service, you get the money back.

6.Sparknotes (

It is one of the best educational sources for students that make the best alternative to Textsheet also. It offers a perceptive guide for subjects like English literature, math, science, biology along with several other subjects.

There are various lesson notes in these websites along with summaries that make learning very easy for students. Furthermore, you can also test your knowledge by taking some quick quizzes.

SparkNotes also offers several books along with online content for several competitive exams like SAT, AP, GRE etc. You can also download the app from Google Play or App Store.

7.CrazyForStudy (

It is an effective online platform that offers academic help. You get access to over 50 million books along with stepwise solutions to questions, course-specific solutions, online assignment help for subjects like science, math, computer science, engineering etc.


This is a website that offers you the best way of learning other than textbooks. It offers you flashcards with questions and answers. You will get reliable solutions to a specific topic within seconds.

The answers present are quite clear that you can understand within a matter of a few seconds.

9.Quora (

Quora is not only a site for students but a platform that anyone can access to get a reliable answer to their queries. Besides being a question and answer website, it is also a community of professionals. Post a question and within few times several professionals and experts will answer your questions. You will not only learn the book definitions but also good examples of ad real-life experiences.


Writing an essay, research paper and getting a clear hold of some report is one thing and math is something else. Getting help from Google regarding math is a little difficult. But with WebMath, it becomes easy. All you have to do is type your problem and enter. Within a few minutes the solution will be right before you.

So, these 10 alternatives to TextSheet will be the best option if you are looking for some help in your studies.


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