What is Void 0?

void 0

Today we are going to talk about one very particular command in JavaScript: void (0), also seen as void 0.

Many times, people tend to get confused when this command appears on their screen and are unable to understand the purpose of it.

Even messages like “javascript:void(0)”complicates users.

Javascript Void 0
Javascript Void 0

So, lets now begin and understand what exactly these commands are for.

What is Void 0 Command?

Void is a significant catchphrase in JavaScript which can be utilized as a unary administrator that shows up before its single operand, which might be of any kind.

This administrator indicates an expression to be assessed without restoring a value.

The syntax of void can be either of the two:


<script type=”text/javascript”>


void func()








When “void(0)” is applied to an argument or expression, the worth returned is consistently “undefined”, paying little mind to different qualities present.

That may appear to be futile from the start and all around unfeeling.

Lets now understand that why “undefined” value is important.

Why use Void?

One of the most important use of void is that the JavaScript can be implemented in a browser without the hassle of having to load a new page.

As we know that almost all the browsers lets you to run scripts by entering it into the URL bar.

So, with the help of Void you can easily do this task without the need to switch pages and it efficiently cancels out the page load.

It also lets you build a link which can help in execution of JavaScript code.

The Contrast Between “void (0)” and “undefined”?

The issue with essentially utilizing “undefined” rather than “void (0)” is that the previous is definitely not a reserved word.

It is commonly a variable, as opposed to an administrator; in some JavaScript situations, it’s actually worldwide.

It might once in a while have the estimation of “undefined”, yet that is not ensured, in light of the fact that someone can generally assign out its a worth that isn’t “undefined.”

Then again, “void” consistently restores the estimation of “undefined”.

To the extent the contrast between “void (0)” and “void” with other characters that is somewhat unimportant. “void “dingleberries”” would work similarly just as “void (0)”.

“javascript:void(0)” Error Message

There can be many reasons to this “javascript:void(0)” Error Message.

Here are a few issues which might cause this troublesome pop up message.

  1. Disabled JavaScript
  2. Use of a proxy server
  3. Poorly written JavaScript
  4. Conflicts with ad blockers/popup blockers
  5. An Outdated Web Browser

In case you are a sysadmin or a developer then this can be a reminder to test your scripts in as numerous browsers as feasible.


So, the void operator can be useful when you need to avoid any unwanted page refresh or redirection.

Rather, the function performs some JavaScript operation.