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Mobile Kangaroo: Is it an Authorized iPhone Repair Service?

Mobile Kangaroo

Today, I am going to discuss about Mobile Kangaroo. It is one of the fast iPhone repair service provider companies.

If you are one of those who have cracked their smartphone screen multiple times, then let me tell you that you are not alone.

Most of the people around the US spends 100 of dollar on repairing their phone screen or any other damaged part.

So here comes Mobile Kangaroo.

This repair service was established in 2003 and since then they have been providing best quality phone repair service.

One of their specialities is that they can repair an iPhone in 60 minutes and repairs Mac within 1-2 days.

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  • They provide extremely fast repairs.
  • All the parts that are repaired is 100% original and no compromise is done with quality.
  • Worldwide Apple Warranty.

Now the question arrives that –

Does Mobile Kangaroo Apple Authorized Service?

Well the answer is Yes.

Mobile Kangaroo is 100% Apple authorized.

Not only that after the repair you also get a 90-days Apple warranty.

They also have access to diagnostics tools which mean all the repaired parts are original and the technicians does their best to give the device back after repair within the frame time.

MK’s Repair Services

iPhone Screen Repair

As mentioned before, iPhone screen repairs are done within 60 minutes and the repairs are done by Apple Certified iOS technicians.

Mac Repairs

Unlike others, Mac are repaired within 1-2 days and the task is done by Apple-trained technicians. The warranty provided by them also is the same that comes in an Apple Store.

Battery Repairs

Both Mac and iPhone battery repairs are available at Mobile Kangaroo.

They can do iPhone battery repair or replacement within an hour.

Other Repairs

Their technicians not only repairs Apple device but they do repair any other android or windows device as well.

Note: Just make sure you back up any device before hand as its not Mobile Kangaroo’s responsibility of lost data.

For more details about their services you can visit their website here

In brief,

So, if you are looking for a certified shop for you iPhone or Mac repair then Mobile Kangaroo is a great option.

They have also started pickup and delivery at some selected stores due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So, if you are stuck at home with a broken screen or having any other trouble with any device contact them.


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