Prankowl: Fulfil Your Prank Desires!


Prankowl is an online application that will help to prank your friends easily. Starting from sending pre-recording messages to calling with spoofing dialler, you will have fun unlimited. Prankowl is one of the best prank call websites.

It is very easy to use and any people can use it to prank their friends. With so many easy options like a sound prank, spoof call etc, you can simply do wonders to prank anyone you want to.

Look At The Funny Ways You Can Use Prankowl To Prank Your Friends

  • Call your best friend using his/her girlfriend/boyfriend number and act like some random guys/girls they are dating.
  • Call your sister/brother and pretend to be his/her dad and start grounding.
  • Call your boss and acts as that annoying employee who keeps stealing your lunch and fire them.

There are so many ways to prank anyone you like. In simple words, the sky is the limit.

Know Why Prankowl Is The Best Prank Website?

  • Prankowl offers up to three free tokens: Prankowl provides you with three tokens that you can use for 3 calls. It is also based on your location to know whether 1 token per call or 2 tokens per call will be used. You will simply love their service and buy their credits.
  • Chosen sound pranks: You can send pre-recorded messages to prank your friends. Some of the prank options are ” pizza order” where pizza delivery boy will deliver pizza at your friend’s house, then ” kick my dog” along with ” Don’t message my boyfriend” pranks. Furthermore, there are other prank options like cat facts in male voice etc.
  • Operator prank: This is another amazing feature by Prankowl which helps you to make your friends call each other. Easily you can make some funny situations along with setting caller id for the friend’s phone. This implies you can easily set the number you want to display on your friend’s phone.
  • Spoof calls: This option allows you to call your friend using a different number. This means when you call a different number will be displayed. Do you want to know how to do this? Have a look at the following steps:
  1. Set the desired called id which means you will input the number you want to display on the screen of the friend.
  2. Enter your number as they will connect to call your desired number.
  3. Enter the number to call.
  4. Then the next step is to set up the duration of the call. The minimum is 1 minute and the maximum duration is 4 minutes.
  5. Now press the button to initiate the call.
  • Hear reactions: One of the best options available with Prankowl is you can listen to reactions of all kinds of prank you make and others call also. For that you have to select the option: hear reactions”. Once you choose the option you will be given several prank calls numbers recordings from other users. These prank calls are in order of viewers time.
  • Block own number: If you have been receiving a lot of prank calls from Prankowl, you have got an option to block your number from the website. All you have to do is enter your number and chose block. Here you will get two options: I hate your site, block my number” and “Your site is pretty sweet, but block my number anyway”. You have the freedom to choose an option.

Guide On How To Use Prankowl

The whole application is user friendly and you can easily make prank calls. You will get three tokens and based on locations you can use these tokens.

Steps to Follow:

  • Visit the Prankowl website that is
  • Now choose the prank call option from various options available.
  • Enter the receiver’s number and then enter the number that you want to display in the screen of the receiver.
  • Want to record the whole thing? Turn on the recording.
  • You also get an option to turn on or off the detection of “Voicemail”.
  • Now click the butting: start call: to initiate your prank call.

Prankowl is a one-stop solution for several prank call. Moreover, it is safe as they promise to keep your number practically safe and free from all kinds of spam. Other than that you get the option to play multiple pranks on your friend.