How to setup your Xbox digitally on your phone using

aka ms xbox setup

Xbox is best for gaming. Regardless of the remarkable experience, it offers, it is quite a daunting task when you will update its firmware. Without deep knowledge of its digital application and how to incorporate it with your Xbox setup, you might lose your data.

Xbox application allows you to have control of your Xbox console without a controller. With this app, you can use keywords and direct the console. Moreover, the application also assists you in saving time by controlling the console without using a controller.

With http //, which is a mobile web portal, it is easy to set up your Xbox One digitally with the help of an activation code. You cannot access the Xbox one set up on your Mac or Windows.

All Xbox One buyers need to note down the screen activation code for setting up your Xbox one on their smartphone. Or else, you will have to generate a new activation code every time you reinstall or uninstall the application on your device.

Are you not sure how to set up your Xbox One app digitally using Then here in this article, you will get all relevant information about the process.

But before going to the process, let’s know what is http // ?

It is a web portal mobile for updating the Xbox system instead of waiting for the whole system to finish it. In this article, you will find information to update your Xbox manually.

Things to do before Xbox One is set up

Before setting up your Xbox One, make sure you meet the following pre-requirements:

  • Unpack your Xbox one and its accessories.
  • Look for the quick setup guide.
  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection. If you have a wired connection, a cable for attaching the console with the router is needed.
  • Arrange batteries for Xbox One controller.
  • Create a Microsoft account.
  • Check whether there is a suitable volume by connecting the speakers or your Tv to the Xbox one.

Steps to set up Xbox digitally on your phone

xboxsetup screen

Use your Android or iOS mobile and follow these steps carefully:

  • At first, visit, which is present in the update screen, and use your camera app to utilize the QR code.
  • A Welcome to Xbox screen appears, select Tap to initiate setup in the Xbox application.
  • Now login to the Xbox app by using the activation code from the update screen.
  • Give answers to all on-screen questions until finishing the setup.
  • Now Go back to your console. When your system’s update ends, you are directed to apply all your settings from the app.
  • Now select Yes to continue.

What are the benefits you get by setting up and coordinating your Xbox application with the console?

  • The Xbox one has several features from which you can avail the benefit.
  • By using the application, you can easily connect with your colleague.
  • You can track games and acquire all the required details.
  • It also allows you to access several options like buying games.
  • In simple terms, the app acts as a cloud system specially designed for your Xbox console that gets connected easily with your smartphone.


Now you must know how to set up Xbox digitally on your smartphone by using aka. ms/xboxsetup.