A login guide to MyLabCorp at

Who would require an extensive healthcare employee portal more than those individuals who are working for clinical laboratories? LabCorp understands this better, therefore, helping its employees with the mylabcorp login portal.

If you are an employee of LabCorp, you should have an account in this portal. Subsequently, you can log in to the store with the help of your LabCorp account credentials.

But if you cannot complete my LabCorp sign-in, then in this article, you will get all information on how to login to the mylabcorp account.

MylabCorp employee portal

My LabCorp employee portal is required as they offer their employees easy access to their work-related information. Moreover, It can be accessed anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

However, before going to the login process, you need to clarify yourself about LabCorp.

LabCorp or Laboratory Corporation of America is one of the most significant clinical lab network operators. It was founded in the year 1978, and the year 1995, it merged with National Health Laboratory. LabCorp does its large volume of testing at the Centre for Esoteric testing located in North Carolina, Burlington.

Benefits of LabCorp login

Mylabcorp employee portal is a relevant portal that facilitates LabCorp company employees to get access to exclusive work-based benefits and perks. Some of the potential benefits are:

  • Most importantly, using this portal, employees can access their daily work reports.
  • You get news of all recent events in your company.
  • Furthermore, you can see all work-based documents that you might require in the future.
  • You also get easy access to all health plans and the advantages that LabCorp provides, mainly for its employees.

So, now when you understood about all the benefits of MyLabCorp, let’s learn about the login process.

What do you need for MyLabCorp Login?

  • MyLabCorp Login web address.
  • MyLabCorp Login employee ID and Password.
  • PC or Laptop or smartphone with good internet access.

So, now when you have gathered all requirements to login into the MyLabCorp web portal for employees, let’s learn the login process. Carefully follow the steps given below to enter the exit.

Step by Step guide to MyLabCorp Login Portal for employee

mylabcorp sign in login process

  • Visit the official site of MyLabCorp at
  • Now enter your employee ID, which you get at the time of signing up.
  • After you enter your employee ID, enter the password in the given box.
  • Now select the Login option to get access to your MyLabCorp account.

Recover your forgotten MyLabCorp password quickly.

Sometimes you might forget the password for MyLabCorp Login. As a result, you cannot log in to your account. But don’t worry, as you can reset your password with some easy steps.

Follow the below-written steps carefully to recover your password.

What to do when you face a problem with the MyLabCorp login process?

Facing problems while trying to access my LabCorp login web portal? Here are few things you can try:

When you cannot recover the password you have forgotten, you can recheck the answers to security questions. May be you have given the wrong answers.

No matter if you are facing issues with the resetting of password or any other problem, you can contact the service desk. For that, you can call on 336-436-4357 and 87-735-3776. Alternatively, you can also send mail to


So, this was everything about the MyLabCorp Login at portal for employees of My Lab Corp.